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July 16, 2015

BIG 2015 Teen Choice News!

OMG! Guess who will be sharing the stage with Little Mix at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards? 5 Seconds of Summer! They will be performing their brand-new song,”She’s Kinda Hot,” which comes out tomorrow. Josh Hutcherson, Jake T. Austin and Chloe Grace Moretz are also going to be at the awards show! How excited are you? […]

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Teen Choice 2015

July 1, 2015

Giant Teen Choice 2015 News!

  OMG! Little Mix is not only going to be a Choice Female Music Group nominee at the Teen Choice 2015, but they will also be performing their new single “Black Magic”! Our lucky contest winner better prepare to be starstruck, because Bethany Mota, Tyler Oakley, Bella Thorne, Gregg Sulkin and R5 have confirmed to be […]

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Zayn Malik

March 20, 2015

Let’s Leave Zayn Alone!

Zayn Malik needs our support! First, Zayn shocked the world yesterday when he left One Directions’ On The Road Again tour to head home to England. A 1D rep confirmed Zayn was experiencing a severe amount of stress, and he needed to be home with his family for a couple of days. Now, there is concern that his […]

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Instagram/Perrie Edwards

March 17, 2015

Is Zayn and Perrie’s Love in Trouble?

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are our favorite super couple, but we hear Perrie thinks it’s kind of “difficult” dating the One Direction guy! “Finding a time when we’re both off, we’re both free, is difficult,” Perrie explains.  Considering the busy schedules that 1D and Little Mix keep, Zayn and Perrie really have to work hard at their relationship. […]

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Tiger Beat Star of the Day: Amy, as Perrie Edwards!

February 4, 2015

Tiger Beat Star of the Day

Amy sent us this hilarious pic of herself as Perrie Edwards! Get the Tiger Beat Star app for your iPhone today, and make awesome celebrity pics to share on facebook, Twitter, and instagram! What do you think of this post?LOL (8) OMG (6) Luv it (8) meh (13)

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Little Mix

December 23, 2014

Gettin’ Into The Holiday Spirit with Celebs!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and celebs are getting into the spirit of the holiday season! Ariana Grande‘s already got her Christmas song “Santa Tell Me” out for the holiday jams, Sabrina Carpenter attended an amazing holiday light festival, and Ally Brooke Hernandez‘s kissing snowmen! Celebs are taking the holidays to a […]

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quiz front

November 12, 2014

What Song Are You and Your BFF?

  You and your BFF love jamming out to music – take this quiz to find out which song perfectly describes you two! What kind of movies do you two love to watch? Funny movies Girl power movies Movies with lots of action Romantic movies Where do you two love to hang out? At the […]

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self confidence featured

November 7, 2014

The Remember That You Rock Playlist!

Even the most confident people can feel a little down or insecure sometimes. Every now and then, we all need that boost to pick us back up and help us feel awesome again. Here at BOP and Tiger Beat, we came up with the PERFECT playlist to help you out of your down-in-the-dumps slump and […]

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fifth harmony bffs

August 31, 2014

The Ultimate BFF Playlist

Summer is ending, but that doesn’t mean you need to get the back-to-school blues. Sure, school means waking up early, studying your butt off and, of course, the dreaded H word (homework) – but it also means reuniting with your besties for daily awesomeness. We’re here to make sure you have the ultimate playlist to kick […]

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Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.07.43 PM

August 19, 2014

WATCH: More Of Your Fave Celebs Accept The Ice Bucket Challenge!

The #ALSIceBucketChallenge is STILL all over the Internet! A lot of our fave celebs participated in the challenge to raise awareness about ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease), and even more celebs did the challenge, including Lucy Hale, Little Mix and Iggy Azalea! Check out our updated list of who else has contributed to […]

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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - July 22, 2014

August 7, 2014

Which Music Group has 5 Seconds of Summer LOLing?

5 Seconds of Summer may seem tough with their punk image, but the Aussie hotties sure are actually pretty hilar. The guys are always super funny and have us laughing at almost every thing they do! But who do 5SOS turn to when they need someone to make them LOL? Their answer might surprise you, […]

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dancing featured image

August 5, 2014

QUIZ: Which #GirlPower Anthem Are You?

  It’s important for girls to feel confident and positive about themselves. Luckily, we have some of the best role models and incredible songs that teach us and help us towards that goal! Have you ever thought about which #GirlPower anthem you’d be? Take this quiz to find out! What are you most likely to […]

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July 15, 2014

7 Super-Unique Dance Moves from Our Fave Stars

Have you ever heard the saying “life is like a box of chocolates” – because you never know what you’re going to get? Well, we realized that phrase also totally applies to celebrity dance moves. Seriously, our faves could not dance much differently (or more awesomely) if they tried. From silly (we’re looking at you, […]

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Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 11.42.34 AM

July 10, 2014

PICS: Perrie Edwards’ 21st Birthday Party!

It’s a big day for Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards — she turned 21 today, and she totally celebrated it in style! Perrie’s fiancée and One Direction hunk Zayn Malik threw her the birthday party of her dreams — a carnival-themed funfair next to their house in North London, England. Perrie, Zayn and their friends […]

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Little Mix Performs On NBC's "Today"

July 7, 2014

Little Mix Cancel Their North American Tour!

We know Mixers in North America were stoked to see the girls “Move” their way. However, we have some bad news: Little Mix have cancelled the North American leg of their Salute tour! But don’t worry… the girls have a good reason. It’s because they’re working super hard on a brand new CD for all […]

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Little Mix Launch Their Make Up Range

July 3, 2014

Are Little Mix Making a Movie?!

Could the girls in Little Mix be following in the footsteps of hotties One Direction by taking on the big screen? According to Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock, it is totally possible! Leigh spilled that doing their very own movie is the girls’ “ultimate dream.” She also shared that unlike the 1D movie, This Is Us, Little Mix wouldn’t […]

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Capital Summertime Ball - Photocall

June 30, 2014

Perrie’s Wild Secret!

We bet Zerrie seems like such a glamorous relationship, right? With Perrie Edwards being a stunning songstress from Little Mix and Zayn Malik, the artistic hunk from One Direction, they seem totally flawless! But we bet you won’t believe what Perrie just revealed… she farts in front of Zayn! That’s right, the British beauty isn’t […]

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June 26, 2014

Austin Mahone Spills on What he Looks for in a Girl!

Listen carefully Mahomies. Seriously, we have big news that you’re GOING to want to hear: Austin Mahone has revealed that qualities that make for his perfect girl. Looking to be Austin’s future GF? He revelas that he likes a girl who can travel, wake up early and has nice hair. Kind of a random group […]

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Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

June 24, 2014

WATCH: 5SOS, Little Mix, Austin Mahone, The Vamps, and Ed Sheeran Perform at the Summertime Ball

This weekend, Capital FM hosted their Summertime Ball in Wembley Stadium and TONS of our faves performed. Each artist took the stage to perform a set of songs and here are just some of the highlights. Check out the performances below and let us know what you thought! 5 Seconds of Summer totally rocked the […]

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Little Mix Glamour Awards

June 4, 2014

Little Mix Wins at the Glamour Awards!

Little Mix looked super glam at the Glamour Awards last night in London! The girls were there to celebrate the women of the year and won an award for Best Band. The girls were so excited about winning and shared a picture of their award on Instagram with the caption, “Ahh! We won! Thank you Glamour […]

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