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r5 featured

October 17, 2014

WATCH: R5′s “Heart Made Up On You” – Acoustic!

Share with your friendsR5‘s song “Heart Made Up On You” is already awesome, but this acoustic version from the band is amazing in a totally different way. In their acoustic version, R5 had a fresh take on their hit song, and the way they change it up makes it so different, but just as incredible. […]

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October 17, 2014

LISTEN: Niall Horan’s “Steal My Girl” Playlist!

Share with your friends Niall Horan knows everyone’s been loving One Direction‘s new song “Steal My Girl,” and to thank fans for all their support he made them a playlist! The playlist is based around “Steal My Girl,” and pairs one of our current fav songs with a bunch of classics from artists like Jimi […]

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Attitude Awards - Inside

October 17, 2014

WATCH: The Vamps Cover “Teenagers”!

Share with your friendsThe Vamps played a very special song at the Birmingham National Arena at a concert the other day, and as soon as the crowd realized what was happening they went wild. The song was a cover of My Chemical Romance’s hit song “Teenagers,” and can we just say that The Vamps sounded […]

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The Fault in Our Stars

October 17, 2014

You HAVE to See This Instagram Artist’s Fan Drawings!

Share with your friendsWe spend a lot of time on Instagram and a lot of time looking at pictures of celebrities. Today, we spent a lot of time on Instagram looking at drawings of celebrities. Instagram user drawings_by_mee just wowed us with her awesome sketches of celebs (she’s totally obsessed with Girl Meets World – […]

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1989 bonus track

October 17, 2014

Taylor Swift’s 1989 Lyric Clue of the Day: BONUS TRACK!

Share with your friends Taylor Swift is probably going to gift us with a new lyric clue every single day until the October 27 release of 1989. That’s a given, right? But you never know because T-Swift got CRAZY on us. Her first three lyric clues were for tracks 1, 2 and 3 from the […]

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“I want to show that you don’t have to be older to live your dreams; you can do it at any age”

joey bragg gram

October 17, 2014

LOL: Dove Cameron ‘Grams Hilarious Video of Joey Bragg

Share with your friends Loading Workin' real hard over here on the #LivAndMaddie set @joeybragg View on Instagram Dove Cameron just made our day. Yes, yes, yes to all of this. Dove posted this hilarious Instagram video of her Liv & Maddie costar Joey Bragg being super silly on set. He tries to swing from […]

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TBT Justin BieberBLOG

October 16, 2014

#TBT: That Time Justin Bieber Full On Took a Nap at Our Photoshoot

Share with your friends Justin Bieber is a superstar today, but at one of our first photoshoots with him, he was just a sleepy guy exhausted from a day of pics. Check out this #TBT pic of Justin straight up taking a nap at our photoshoot. It’s completely adorable. That is all. Who would you […]

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Teen Choice Awards 2014 - Arrivals

October 16, 2014

WIN: 1 Page At a Time: A Daily Creative Companion

Share with your friends If you love books, getting a little silly, or just keeping your own journal you’ll love 1 Page At a Time: A Daily Creative Companion by Adam J. Kurtz. This fun book is all about creating your own content and filling the pages with what you love, what makes you laugh […]

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LPOLL 2015 movie
Ask Blog Girl

October 16, 2014

Ask Blog Girl!

Share with your friends Got burning advice questions about boys, friends, school and more? Blog Girl is here for you! Every week, we take questions from YOU, our lovely readers, and choose questions at random to answer right here. If you need advice about anything, please leave your questions in the comments below. Let’s get […]

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Halloween Accessory QUIZ
track 2 1989

October 16, 2014

Taylor Swift ‘Grams More 1989 Lyrics!

Share with your friendsTaylor Swift has given us more 1989 clues to keep us busy until the October 27 release date. Taylor dropped some lyrics to the first track from the new album on October 14 and now we have lyric clues for tracks 2 and 3. Check them out (even if you care zero […]

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A Fault In Our Stars
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.46.42 AM

October 16, 2014

WATCH: Max Schneider’s “Darling” Music Video

Share with your friendsMax Schneider is one of the hottest guys on YouTube and we’re obsessed with his oh-so-romantic new song and video “Darling.” The song is stripped down (what Max does best) and bittersweet. It’s all about meeting someone special and then wondering if you’ll ever get the chance to see them again. Check […]

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October 16, 2014

One Direction Rock Out On Stage…AND Look Super Cute!

Share with your friendsOne Direction fans, listen up! We all know that 1D has been on tour and fans all over the world have been rushing to go see the boys in concert. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to go see One Direction live on this tour though, have no fear […]

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Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.39.39 AM

October 16, 2014

WATCH: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 Return to District 12 Trailer!

Share with your friendsThe Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 hits theaters November 21 and the closer we get to the big day, the more excited we are. Lionsgate (the company that producers the Hunger Games movies) just released a new trailer for the movie, that shows Katniss returning to a now-ruined District 12, which […]

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October 16, 2014

Ariana Grande is Coming to the Big Screen!

Share with your friends Ariana Grande has done just about everything. She’s starred in not one, but TWO hit television shows (can’t we all agree Victorious and Sam & Cat ended way too soon?). Since she decided to focus on her music, she’s released hit after hit, collaborating with THE biggest names in music (we’re […]

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