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All Tiger Beat Media contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes are open only to United States residents under the age of 18.

Should your child be chosen for the prizes, Tiger Beat Media, Inc., parent company of, will contact the winning household by email or telephone to notify them that they have won, and to confirm the mailing address of the winner if there is a prize that needs to be shipped.

In order for your child to register for this sweepstakes, has collected his or her first name and email address if the child is under the age of 13. If the child is 13 or older, we have In addition also requested their parent’s or guardian’s first name, telephone number, and email address. This is the only information we have requested or received, in compliance with COPPA, the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. It will be used for the purpose of notifying your child if he or she has been selected as a winner in the sweepstakes. You have the option to have your child’s entry deleted. All of the information collected by online or by BOP Magazine or Tiger Beat Magazine via regular mail is securely maintained and is used only for the purpose of conducting Tiger Beat and BOP Magazine’s Sweepstakes sponsored by Tiger Beat Media, and will be destroyed upon close of the sweepstakes. We sometimes request that readers answer a question correctly in order to enter a contest. If so, the winning entry will be chosen at random from the pool of correct answers. We also sometimes request that readers submit a creative piece (writing, illustration, or other) that will be judged on the merits of its quality by BOP and Tiger Beat editors. If that is the case the rules will clearly state that the winner will be chosen by merit and not at random. If you have any further questions, please refer to’s Privacy Policy at:

Our goal is to help parents ensure that their kids have a safe and fun online and print experience. That’s why we’ve set up a system by which parents can print out and mail or fax us a signed form that allows them to review any identifiable information collected about their child, have this information deleted, and/or request that there be no further collection or use of their child’s information. To view the form, please visit:

Here at Tiger Beat and BOP Magazine we value our readers and site visitors and take pride in making certain that we handle any information or correspondence given to us from them with the utmost of security and care. Please have a look at our fun website, at! We hope you and your child enjoy and we wish you both the best of luck in Tiger Beat and BOP Magazine’s Giveaway Sweepstakes sponsored by Tiger Beat Media!

The Team at Tiger Beat and BOP Magazine

If you’d prefer to remove your child’s name from the entrant list for this sweepstakes, please respond to within 48 hours of receiving an email.

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