Ross Lynch

Birthday: December 29, 1995
Hometown: Littleton, CO
Height: 6’0
Fun Fact: Ross still sleeps with a blanket. It’s yellow!
Quote: “It’s always important to stay in contact with the fans, because ultimately if they weren’t there, I wouldn’t be here. It’s very, very important to spread the love.”


Tiger Beat

March 29, 2015

KCAs: The Recap of the Most Incredible Day Ever!

    It was a sweltering hot day yesterday in Inglewood, California, home to to the Kids’ Choice Awards. The orange carpet started at 3 p.m. sharp. Stars started trickling down the carpet, slowly at first. We got to leisurely talk to stars at first. And then — BAM! — it was like a celebrity crush, […]

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Harry Styles

March 26, 2015

Hot Boy Trend: Bandanas

There is just undeniable proof that bandanas are our newest favorite trend. What started as a convenient way for Harry Styles to hold back his curly locks has turned into a totally hot accessory… and we love it. While doing our daily scan through social media (yep, guilty), we started to realize that all the […]

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March 23, 2015

It’s #NationalPuppyDay! Check Out These Celebs with Their Adorable Dogs

Happy National Puppy Day! Is there anything better than playing with a tiny little puppy? Probably not, and our faves agree — many of them have dogs to call their own! Check out some of the best pics of celebs with their dogs we’ve rounded up to celebrate the big day. Who’s your favorite celebrity dog? Do […]

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R5 Slider

March 21, 2015

R5 Video Battle: Forget About You vs. Smile

R5 has some amazing music videos, but only one can be the best R5 video. We’ve narrowed the choices down to make things a little easier — is their best video “Forget About You” or “Smile?” Do you like the crazy chase through “Forget About You” or the shirtless water fight with “Smile?” We’ve got to […]

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March 19, 2015

Ross Lynch’s 5 Best, LOL-Worthy Vines!

We’ll take any bit of Ross Lynch we can get — even if that means a quick 6-second video! The Austin & Ally hottie loves using Vine on the reg, to share what he’s up to with his fans. The videos he makes are usually pretty LOL-worthy. Take a look at some of our faves below and let us know what YOUR […]

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Twitter/Niall Horan

March 17, 2015

St. Patty’s Day Poll: Who’s Your Lucky Charm?

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What do you think of this post?
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March 16, 2015

R5 Answer Your Twitter Questions!

Have you picked up the May issue of Tiger Beat yet?! At our exclusive photoshoot with R5 in Hollywood, California, we asked the crew to answer our favorite reader questions from Twitter. Watch this vid to see them reply to your silliest tweets (which were also printed in the mag!). Prepare to LOL and “Smile” […]

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Instagram/Bella Thorne

March 16, 2015

Ross Lynch & Bella Thorne are Hanging Out!

Ross Lynch — and the whole Lynch family — threw an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party over the weekend. On the guest list was the one and only Bella Thorne. Ross even painted Bella’s face for this adorable selfie: Ross and Bella have been friends for a while now — hanging out at Disney channel events, and even […]

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Ross Ansel Zayn Slider

March 15, 2015

Our Favorite Boys Winking At Us!

We love these guys every single day no matter what they’re doing, but sometimes they do things that are way cuter than normal. Like, winking. They might not be winking right at us, but we can pretend, right? Here are just some of our faves flashing a big pearly grin, and showing us a little extra […]

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March 11, 2015

Ross Lynch: 6 Reasons He Would Be the Perfect Boyfriend

Ross Lynch makes our hearts flutter on a daily bases, and we know you know what we’re talking about! If the word BAE applied to anyone, it would 100 percent be him. Whether Ross is making us swoon on Austin & Ally or sending us into music heaven with his band R5, we are loving him. But […]

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R5 Talks About Their New Single, "Let's Not Be Alone"

February 25, 2015

WATCH: R5 Talks About Their New Single, “Let’s Not Be Alone”

R5 sat down with our friends at Radio Disney to discuss their new single, “Let’s Not Be Alone” and a little bit of the creative process that went into writing the song! Watch it right here, and let us know what you think of the single. Have you seen the video? Watch it right here. […]

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Sing Along to R5's New Lyric Video, "Let's Not Be Alone"

February 24, 2015

WATCH: R5′s “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” Video

We’re loving R5‘s new track “Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight” and can’t stop singing along. We love their accompanying lyric video because this makes it so fun to sing along! Watch and sing along right here and let us know what you think! What do you think of this post?LOL (18) OMG (24) Luv it (89) meh (21)

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VOTE NOW: Who Wins Flashback Friday? Ross vs. Harry

February 13, 2015

Who Wins #FlashbackFriday? Harry or Ross?

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What do you think of this post?
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Who Wore It Best? Heart-shaped Glasses

February 13, 2015

HEART-SHAPED GLASSES: Who rocks them best?

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February 13, 2015

WATCH: The First Trailer For Teen Beach 2 is Here!

OMG…the first official Teen Beach 2 trailer is finally here! We have spent the past two years obsessing over Teen Beach Movie, and now, we can’t contain our excitement about the sequel. Teen Beach 2 has everything we could ask for. Not only does the plot have us on the edge of our chairs, but we have a […]

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We got all caught up with our favorite Disney celeb BFFs. Watch the video!

February 11, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Beat was at the “Bad Hair Day” screening!

OK, Tiger Beat readers… if you have plans this Friday we suggest you cancel them immediately so you can stay home and watch Bad Hair Day — It’s that good! We just got back from a screening with the stars of the movie, Laura Marano and Leigh-Allyn Baker , and they spilled on everything from […]

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Throwback: Our first-ever photo shoot with R5!

February 10, 2015

Exclusive: Go Inside R5′s First-Ever Tiger Beat Photo Shoot!

We had a blast hanging out with R5 at their first-ever BOP and Tiger Beat photo shoot! The five-piece group is SO much fun to hang out with. You’re going to see TONS of exclusive photos and interviews in our upcoming issues, but we want to give you a sneak peek inside their shoot right […]

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SNEAK PEEK: R5's photoshoot with Tiger Beat!

February 5, 2015

SNEAK PEEK: Our R5 Photo Shoot!

We had a blast with R5 and can’t wait to show you all our pics in an upcoming issue of Tiger Beat! Here’s a little window into 6 seconds with them, from our Instagram: @rydelr5 schools @officialr5 on how to do an @bopandtigerbeat photo shoot. #girlpower A video posted by BOP & Tiger Beat (@bopandtigerbeat) […]

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We're Hanging Out with R5 tomorrow

February 4, 2015

We’re Interviewing R5 Tomorrow! Send Us Your Questions!

R5 is visiting us at Tiger Beat tomorrow and we’re going to hang out and chat about stuff, like their week at the Sundance film festival and what they’re working on right now. What do you guys want to know? Send us your questions in the comments below and we’ll try to get to as […]

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QUIZ: Do you get along with your crush's friends?

February 4, 2015

QUIZ: Do you get along with your crush’s friends?

  You really like your crush. They like you back. But do you click with the friends? Take this quiz to learn the truth! Your crush plans a night with friends. You: Hint that you’d love to come along Give your crush space You have inside jokes with your crush’s friends: True False What would […]

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