Harry Styles

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Born: February 1, 1994
Hometown: Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
Height: 5’11
Fun Fact: Harry always wears two pairs of socks!
Quote: “I think that you can definitely be infatuated with someone the first time you’ve see them. And then you fall in love with them afterward.”

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October 24, 2014

One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” Video Most Awesome Moments!

Share with your friendsOne Direction‘s “Steal My Girl” video is everything we could have asked for – sumo wrestlers, a marching band, a monkey, a lion, ballerinas, Harry’s flowing hair, Niall in a gladiator costume – and that doesn’t even begin to describe the amount of surprises they threw in our direction. We always expect […]

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October 23, 2014

One Direction Lyric Changes, LOL!

Share with your friends One Direction is always incorporating silliness into their crazy lifestyles, but one of our favorite things is when they change the lyrics of their songs during performances! They play the same songs over and over again, night after night, so they are bound to have some fun with it at some […]

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October 22, 2014

7 Times Harry Styles Looked Like An Artist

Share with your friendsHarry Styles clearly has a musical future ahead of him, but what would his future consist of if it weren’t for One Direction? Would he be a doctor? A lawyer? Or what about an artist? We don’t know about YOU, but we are starting to realize that Harry Styles has been posting […]

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harry style bradley simpson hair poll

October 22, 2014

2015 Prediction Poll: Will Brad Simpson grow his hair as long as Harry Styles?

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Taylor Swift NY Instag

October 22, 2014

Taylor Swift Releases a Snippet of “Style” in Her New Target Commercial!

Share with your friends Taylor Swift has done it again. No, we’re not talking about releasing a potential hit song (even though “Welcome to New York” totally could be). We’re talking about giving her fans a tiny, tiny taste of new music in the background of an ad. First it was her Diet Coke kitten […]

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Miami Celebrity Sightings - October 4, 2014

October 21, 2014

2015 Prediction Poll: Will Harry Styles retire his bun in 2015?

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teaser featured

October 21, 2014

One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” Teasers

Share with your friends One Direction are getting us totally psyched for their new music video for “Steal My Girl” – we can’t wait to see it! There are only three more days until the video comes out, and until then we’ve got three teasers to tide you over! The boys are releasing one teaser […]

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October 18, 2014

10 Boys That Prove Winking is Totally Irresistible!

Share with your friendsWe always knew that winking was a super cute move – but before we saw these guys pull off perfect winks, we never knew they could look so GOOD! These ten boys know how to wink flawlessly, and even just looking at GIFs of them makes us breathless. Can you imagine what […]

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October 14, 2014

12 Boys Who Make Silly Look Seriously Good!

Share with your friendsHere at Tiger Beat, we LOVE cute boys. Who doesn’t?! The only thing we love more than cute boys, though, are cute boys who are funny, and the boys on this list DEFINITELY qualify. If you love a hottie with a sense of humor, check out these 12 guys who know how […]

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October 13, 2014

Weekend Update: Selfies, Bowling, and a … Proposal?!

Share with your friendsA new week equal another exciting weekend roundup, and believe us. SO MUCH has happened. These past 48 hours brought us music video sneak peeks (Finally! Thank you, One Direction!), silly selfies (we’re talking to you, Sel!), and one …proposal?! (Don’t worry! Demi can explain!) Check out our gallery for the inside […]

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iHeart Radio Music Festival - Night 1 - Press Room

October 13, 2014

LISTEN: Taylor Swift “Out of the Woods” Clip!

Share with your friendsTaylor Swift has us absolutely DYING to hear her new album, 1989 which drops October 27. Of course, Tay knows EXACTLY how to keep her Swifities’ fangirl energy on high – with special sneak peeks at her music. Check out this snippet of Tay’s much-anticipated song “Out of the Woods” (it’s rumored […]

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iHeart Radio Music Festival - Night 2 - Press Room

October 6, 2014

10 GIFs That Prove Harry Styles Is A Kid at Heart

Share with your friends Harry Styles is downright adorable. There’s no question about that. He can make us swoon and make us laugh, sometimes at the same time! We love that Harry never takes himself too seriously (he’s a total kid at heart!). Whether it is his hilarious tweets, his silly dance moves or his […]

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October 2, 2014

Awww! Guess who these celebs are from their #tbt!

Share with your friendsAre you One Direction’s biggest fan? Could you recognize Taylor Swift a mile away? We’ll see about that! Check out these stars’ aww-worthy #tbt pictures and see if YOU can recognize your favorite celebs, even when they were in diapers. Got all the pictures right? Surprised by who the #tbt’s were? Can’t […]

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sabrina carpenter

October 2, 2014

LOL: What of Our Fave Stars’ Twitter Profile Pics Say About Them!

Share with your friendsWhen you Twitter stalk celebs all day, you see a LOT of their profile pics. And just like the rest of us, stars use their profile pics to send a message about their mood, where they are in their life or to showcase their personalities. We rounded up the current Twitter profile […]

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September 30, 2014

9 Gifs of Hot Boys Laughing That Will Totally Make Your Day!

Share with your friendsThere’s nothing better than looking at GIFs of hotties all day – well, except for looking at GIFs of hotties laughing! Even on our worst days, seeing these laughing, gorgeous faces always picks us right back up. If you’re feeling down, or just looking for a little eye candy, this GIF list […]

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September 25, 2014

Harry Styles’ Most Random LOL-Worthy Tweets

Share with your friends Harry Styles would probably win the award for weird One Direction tweeter. They’re usually random, sometimes strange and always hilarious. Whether he is telling fans exactly what he is doing, sharing his most random thoughts or tweeting funny quotes from his best friends, Harry always manages to make us laugh. In […]

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harry camila featured

September 25, 2014

Harry Styles, Camila Cabello and a Whole Bunch of Stars Support the #HeForShe Campaign!

Share with your friendsAs a UN Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson recently gave a speech about gender equality and tons of celebrities have come out to support her, including One Direction‘s Harry Styles, Fifth Harmony‘s Camila Cabello and The Vamps‘s James McVey. I'm supporting @UN_Women and @EmWatson in #HeForShe As should you.. pic.twitter.com/RYtM4SKkqN — Harry Styles […]

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September 22, 2014

Happy Monday! GIFs Of Celebs At Their Happiest Moments

Share with your friendsThe start of the week is here, meaning it’s time to transition away from weekend-mode. If you have a bad case of the Mondays (like we do), then you have come to the right place. We have put together a collection of GIFs featuring your fave celebs in some of their happiest […]

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2013 TeenNick HALO Awards - Arrivals

September 18, 2014

Another Harry Romance Rumor?

Share with your friends It looks like we might’ve been wrong about Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves, because last night Harry was spotted out with another girl! This time it was Daniella Monet from Nickelodeon’s Victorious! The two were spotted going to a Coldplay concert together to listen to some music. Daniella is 25, which […]

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harry crush featured

September 16, 2014

Does Harry Styles Have a New Crush?

Share with your friends Woah, romance alert! Earlier today, One Direction superstar Harry Styles tweeted out something pretty interesting, and it has us here at Tiger Beat thinking he just may have a new crush! It’s impossible to listen to @KaceyMusgraves too much. Don’t tell anyone. — Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles) September 16, 2014 Actually, tell […]

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