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Remembering Grandpa Grande

Share with your friendsAfter we heard that Ariana Grande‘s grandpa passed away, we couldn’t stop thinking about the close relationship that they shared. We’re sad that Ari lost someone so special, but we’re also glad that she got to make amazing memories with her grandpa. We look back at Ari’s best moments with Grandpa Grande, […]

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Celebs Go #MakeUpFree – And STILL Look Gorgeous (DUH!)

Share with your friendsWe think our favorite celebs are beautiful inside and out – and we think it even more when they go and do something inspiring and awesome like show the world (and, most importantly, their loyal fans) just how beautiful going natural can be. That’s right, some of our faves have gone totally […]

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Carpet Fashion Evolution

Share with your friendsShe’s everyone’s favorite imaginary BFF, but it’s not just Jennifer Lawrence‘s wicked sense of humor and down-to-earth realness that win her the title. We’re also guessing most of her would-be BFFs are also dying to raid Jen’s closet. Jen is flawless when it comes to her amazing fashion sense (actually, scratch that, […]

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Totally Trendy: Daring Prints and Patterns

Share with your friendsCelebs love to shock us with the latest trends (and we gotta say, we love being surprised, too!). For this trend in particular, we’re totally in awe of these celebs for having the guts to step out and rock this fearless fashion. It takes a lot of confidence in their styles and […]

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Check Out Zendaya’s Hidden Talent!

Share with your friendsOf course we already knew that Zendaya was ridiculously talented – our girl dances, acts, and sings. She’s already a triple threat! But after browsing through Zendaya’s Instagram the other day (we’re totally not obsessed – okay, maybe we are), we discovered a whole new side of her. Turns out, Zendaya is […]

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Can’t Wait For Pitch Perfect 2? Check Out These Amazing BTS Pics From The Stars!

Share with your friendsIf you’re like us, you were totally blown away by Pitch Perfect and have been beyond excited since the announcement of Pitch Perfect 2. We’ve given you 7 reasons why this is one of the films that we’re absolutely looking forward to. AND we’ve been secretly stalking all the stars’ social media to find these incredible […]

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OMG! You HAVE to See What These Celebs Would Look Like as Punks!

Share with your friendsWe always thought the punk look would be pretty hard to pull off, and that our favorite celebs look great exactly as they are. After seeing all of these photo edits by Twitter user PunkEdits_For_U, however, we just might be changing our minds! You would not believe how many of these celebs […]

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HOT PICS: Our Fave Sam & Cat Moments!

Share with your friendsSam & Cat will sadly be airing it’s last episode tonight — AWW! Turn that frown upside down, because we are sharing some of our fave moments from the show. Let’s look back at all the laughs and fun times we have had while watching Sam & Cat. Check out our gallery […]

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8 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

Share with your friendsAfter just one season, Nickelodeon has pulled the TV plug on Sam & Cat. In spite of the show’s untimely end, it’s in good company! Here’s a look back at 8 other TV shows that also ended much too soon. Which of these shows were you the most sad to see go? […]

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These Cute Boys Playing Summer Sports Are Super Hot!

Share with your friendsWhat time is it? Summer time — a time for looking your absolute cutest…and a time for cute boys! And what do those cute boys like to do in the summer? Play summer sports, of course! And obviously, we can’t get enough of them. Can you blame us? They’re just so hot! […]

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Cuteness Overload! Check Out Bella Thorne’s New Candie’s Campaign Posters

Share with your friendsCute puppies, cute boys and cute clothes…oh my! We already knew Bella Thorne was super adorable, but this is almost too much to handle. As the poster girl for Candie’s clothing, Bella looks super-gorgeous in these brand new photos featuring a few of her favorite things. It looks like she had a […]

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Totally Trendy: Pastel Hair

Share with your friendsLast week, Debby Ryan took to Instagram to show off her newly (DIY) dyed hair. She added a little lavender ombre to her bleach-blonde hair.  And we have to admit, we’re loving it! The light color is super and fun cute for summer. And Debby’s not the only one rocking the pastel […]

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Disney’s Descendants Wraps Filming, So Check Out These Pics From Set!

Share with your friendsWe know that the stars of Disney’s latest DCOM Descendants have been hard at work shooting the movie (we can’t wait to see the final product!). But over the weekend, the cast and crew wrapped up filming and said goodbye to the set. Saying bye to friends is always a sad moment, but […]

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GALLERY: 1D’s Favorite #FunnyOneDirectionMemories

Share with your friendsWe love getting in on Twitter trends, but we love it when the celebs the trend is ABOUT get in on them even more. This morning, Directioners around the world trended #FunnyOneDirectionMemories. As if sharing the memories with fellow fans weren’t enough, the guys of 1D got in on the action too! […]

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The Evolution of Harry Styles’ Hairstyles

Share with your friendsThere’s hair, and then there’s Harry’s hair! Harry Styles has been on the scene since his debut on The X Factor in 2010, and his waves have been making waves ever since. Now that his locks are longer than ever before, take a look back at his iconic hair history. Tell us: Which of […]

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PICS: Perrie Edwards’ 21st Birthday Party!

Share with your friendsIt’s a big day for Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards — she turned 21 today, and she totally celebrated it in style! Perrie’s fiancée and One Direction hunk Zayn Malik threw her the birthday party of her dreams — a carnival-themed funfair next to their house in North London, England. Perrie, Zayn […]

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