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Cameron Dallas Shirtless Photo Round-up!

Is it possible to love anything more than we love Cameron Dallas’ shirtless pics? Cameron clearly knows how to please his fans because he is on a role! Not only is he totally on top of his social media game, but he has also gifted us with several AMAZING shirtless pics that we can’t help […]

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5 Seconds of Summer Look like They’re Having Fun in Tokyo

5 Seconds of Summer is amazing. 5SOS on their first trip to Japan is even more amazing. We’re not sure what our favorite thing about these pictures is — Ashton Irwin’s numerous selfies or Luke Hemmings and Calum Hoods’ bibs — because it looks like they’re having so much fun! Which picture is your favorite? Let us know in the […]

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Fifth Harmony’s Wackiest Instagrams

Fifth Harmony has a talent for aweing us from the stage, but that isn’t the only thing they are good at. We think 5H totally has a knack for Instagram. They are constantly on their social media game – selfies, wacky photos, hilarious videos – you name it, Fifth harmony’s Instagram account has it. With the […]

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Zendaya’s Most Beautiful Looks

Zendaya has had a big week. First, she rocked the most amazing look at the 2015 Oscar Awards. Then, she was mocked for that look by E! Fashion Police host Giuliana Ranic, who said her dreadlocks looked smelly. Z stood up for herself in a now-famous, beautifully written Instagram post (and P.S. fans went nuts with support […]

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Model Lucky Blue Smith’s Rise to Fame… in Pictures

Lucky Blue Smith has been all over twitter and instagram lately and we thought we’d give you the scoop on our latest Cutest Boy You’re Not Crushing On Yet. We think he’s totally crush-worthy… but you might want to know a little bit more before you can make up your own mind. Enjoy. What do […]

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“Bella and the Bulldogs” Premiere Watch Party!

Bella and the Bulldogs premiered this weekend – did you watch? We covered the premiere online and tweeted with Brec Bassinger, Haley Tju and Lilimar Hernandez during both the east coast and west coast screenings. So exciting! We collected some of the best pics from the twitter-verse for your viewing pleasure. What do you think […]

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Meet the Characters in Bella and the Bulldogs!

Meet Bella Dawson, her besties Pepper and Sophie, and her cute teammates Troy, Sawyer and Newt. Check out this slideshow and you’ll be all caught up on the plot line before the premiere on January 17th! So… can you relate to Bella? Are you friends with girly-girls as well as tough guys? Or have you […]

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Seven Best Selfies by Ed Sheeran!

Ed Sheeran is the guy we love to love, and he is always giving us reasons to love him even more! We dare say he is the best guy around. Too big of a statement? We think not, but here’s some proof to back up why Ed is just amazing: rockin’ music and lyrics? Heck […]

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5 Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2015!

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2015. New friends, new crushes and, of course, new movies. We’re SO excited for these five movies, we can barely stand the wait. Take a look at our gallery and then tell us in the comment which of these flicks you can’t wait to watch this year! […]

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LOL ALERT: 9 Best Celeb Photobombs

Whether it was by accident or solely on purpose, these celebs prove that they are the masters of photobombing! Whether it’s Beyonce‘s awesome fan selfie or Jennifer Lawrence‘s hilarious red carpet photobomb of Taylor Swift. What’s your favorite picture? Have you ever photobombed someone? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter! What do […]

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Winter Outfit Round-Up!

Do you want to know how we can tell the holidays are quickly approaching? The weather! We don’t know about YOU, but our favorite part about cold weather is making hot chocolate, snuggling up in a blanket and sitting next to a warm fire, which means it is time to bring out all of your […]

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14 Girls We Wanted to Be BFFs With in 2014!

This year has been an amazing one. Not only have there been tons of hot crushes to discover (hello there, Vine boys), but it’s been a great year for our favorite ladies, too! In fact, there were 14 girls this year who we would have given just about anything be BFFs with. Check out our […]

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Tiger Beat’s 6 Fave Movies of 2014!

There were SO many great movies this year. Most of them were completely action-packed, but a few of them had us laughing or crying (or both). Check out this gallery for our favorite movies from 2014 and tell us which movie was YOUR personal fave this year in the comments! What do you think of […]

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Our Favorite couples of 2014!

As 2014 comes to a close, we can’t help but realize this year was filled with tons of couples! Whether it was break ups, relationship drama or new couples forming, 2014 was definitely full of love! We don’t know about YOU, but nothing makes us happier than seeing our favorite celebs happy (even if we […]

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Fashion Fangirling: Best Trends of 2014!

2014 has been FILLED with a ton of amazing trends! Our favorite celebrities are constantly trying new hairstyles, taking fashion risks and incorporating fun accessories into their everyday outfits to set the hottest and newest trends! We don’t know about you, but we are totally in LOVE with all of the trends we saw in […]

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Tiger Beat‘s Picks for the HOTTEST Boys of 2014!

This year was so full of hot boys, it practically SIZZLED. We’ve rounded up some swoon-worthy pics of some of our FAVE guys from 2014 so you can end the year right — with a look back on your biggest crushes. Who knows was next year will bring in the hot boy department (okay, to […]

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