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5 Times Tristan Evan’s Hair Defied Gravity!

Share with your friendsTristan Evans has AH-mazing hair. Honestly, all the boys of The Vamps have killer hair, but Tristan’s is in a league of his own. It is literally out of this world. How does he get that perfectly tousled look that can defy gravity in all weather (Yep. His hair is perfect even […]

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Celeb Holiday Gift Inspiration!

Share with your friendsThe holidays are quickly approaching, but there are still SO many things to do! Who has time to think of gifts when you’re busy decorating and putting up the Christmas tree? Before you have a major headache and freak out, FREEZE! Gifts should be the least of your worries. Why? Because we’ve […]

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Ariana Grande’s Transformation Tuesday!

Share with your friendsAriana Grande is one of THE biggest names in music today. She collaborates with the hottest stars (Shout out to Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, and Iggy!) If there was an award for Most Creative Music Video, Ariana would win every time (We might have a new fave when “Love Me Harder” is […]

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Zayn Malik’s 5 Sweetest Sweater Looks!

Share with your friendsZayn Malik of One Direction is basically the ideal boyfriend. He’s sensitive and sweet, but he also has a sense of danger to him. And let’s not forget his soulful voice! This winter, we can’t help but show some extra love for Zayn and his signature look: His sweaters! As the weather’s […]

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James McVey’s Top 5 Cutest Pouts, Smiles, and Smirks!

Share with your friendsJames McVey (like all of his Vamps bandmates) is a hottie. There’s no denying it! Many things make up the perfection that we call James – way more than we can count! In this gallery, we’re taking the time to appreciate one feature in particular: James’ Smile! His smile includes his adorable […]

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Who Wore It Best: 2014 KIIS FM Jingle Ball Fashion

Share with your friendsThis weekend, some of the biggest stars in Hollywood (and we mean the biggest!) came out for the 2014 KIIS FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles, California. If you thought the lineup was out-of-this-world, wait ’til you check out the fashion! Some of Hollywood’s biggest names, like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Iggy […]

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How to Have the Perfect Girls Night In!

Share with your friendsIt’s the weekend, which means one very important thing: Freedom. You’ve spent five whole days killing it a school, showing tons of homework who’s boss and just generally kicking butt at life. You have earned two days of amazing, do-whatever-you-want freedom. But what happens when there’s nothing you want to do? What […]

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10 Times Ariana Grande WOWed Us with Her Rockin’ Ponytail!

Share with your friendsAriana Grande has officially reached superstar status: She has a (long and always-growing) list of hit songs, a famous boyfriend and her own signature style — her amazing ponytail! We love that Ari has been venturing out and trying new styles (her middle part was to DIE for), but we still have […]

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Can You Imagine Your Fave Stars As Emojis? We Did!

Share with your friendsIf we had to describe ourselves as an emoji, it would probably be the emoji with the heart eyes because that’s basically how we are every day when we’re dreaming about our faves. Well, either that one or the crying one because they make us really emotional, too. Since emojis are such […]

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Celebrate National Cookie Day with Your Fave Celebs!

Share with your friendsIt’s National Cookie Day today, which basically means it’s the best day of the year! After all, when else do you have an excuse to eat as many cookies as you can get your hands on? The only thing better than eating your favorite cookies, though, is eating your favorite cookies with […]

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7 Celebs Loving Beanie Season!

Share with your friends‘Tis the season for warm jackets, fuzzy jackets, and the ever amazing beanie! The beanie hat is the perfect winter accessory because it totally shows off your super stylish hair-do while also keeping you perfectly warm out in the cold weather. Who doesn’t love a good beanie? Well, not our favorite celebs! […]

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Stars Get in the Holiday Spirit!

Share with your friendsThanksgiving was just last week (time is flying by!), and our celebs are already preparing for the upcoming holidays! But we can’t blame ‘em. We’re just as ready (if not more!) for presents, family time, Christmas trees, and all the other goodies to come this December! Not sure what to do with […]

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Demi Lovato’s Fiercest On-Stage Faces!

Share with your friendsDemi Lovato is the definition of a rock star. She commands the stage with the power of her voice. Her ever-changing hair always seems to scream “Look at me!” Even her swagger oozes confidence. But in this gallery, we’ve pinpointed one key element to her effortless stage-presence: Her fierce faces! And no, […]

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Most Loved Instas of 2014!

Share with your friendsIt’s the last month of 2014, meaning the year is almost over! But before we usher in 2015 and say goodbye to the make-ups, breakups, and drama of this year, let’s look back on what we’re going to miss after December 31st. One thing we (not to mention, our fave celebs) adore […]

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Who Wore it Best: British Fashion Awards

Share with your friendsThe biggest and brightest stars of entertainment made their mark as they attended this year’s British Fashion Awards in London, England. Our favorite singers, actors, and models totally rocked the red carpet! Some recreated this year’s trends. Others channeled timeless classics. In summary, there were TONS of looks that we absolutely LOVED! […]

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Totally Trendy: Fur Hats!

Share with your friendsWe’ve got the warmest, coziest, most ferocious and fierce trend for YOU! Introducing… Fur Hats! This trend is making its way JUST in time for the holidays. What better way to brave the winter cold and snow than with a warm and fuzzy hat? Choose a hat like Ariana Grande‘s for a […]

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