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Austin & Ally Cast Reunites to Film Season 4!

Share with your friendsThe Austin & Ally cast have been busy working on other projects (Teen Beach 2!!), but the whole gang is officially together again! With Ross Lynch‘s crazy tour schedule with R5, we think this reunion was much needed. Ross, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy took to social media to post […]

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One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” Video Shoot!

Share with your friendsAre you as obsessed with with One Direction‘s “Steal My Girl” as we are? We have had it on repeat ever since it came out (obviously) and their most recent Instagram photos have us even more obsessed as we wait for the music video! The boys posted sneak peak photos from the […]

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Disney Stars Get Fancy at the Black & White Ball!

Share with your friendsThis past weekend, YOUR favorite Disney Stars dressed to the nines for the 2014 Black & White Ball! And what would any party be without a photo booth? Celebs from I Didn’t Do It, Girl Meets World and other Disney shows danced the night away and got silly in front of the […]

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Weekend Update: Selfies, Bowling, and a … Proposal?!

Share with your friendsA new week equal another exciting weekend roundup, and believe us. SO MUCH has happened. These past 48 hours brought us music video sneak peeks (Finally! Thank you, One Direction!), silly selfies (we’re talking to you, Sel!), and one …proposal?! (Don’t worry! Demi can explain!) Check out our gallery for the inside […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peak at Jessie’s “There Goes the Bride”!

Share with your friendsIt feels like we’ve been waiting a million years for this episode after watching Brooks propose to Jessie, but it’s finally here! Jessie‘s “There Goes the Bride” episode debuts tomorrow at 8:30 PM, but today we’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE sneak-peak at the episode behind-the-scenes. In the episode, Jessie and Brooks are […]

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9 Celebs Who Look JUST Like Disney Princesses!

Share with your friendsIt’s hard to get over our obsession with Disney princesses, especially when so many of our fave celebs remind them of us like, all the time. What? You don’t believe us? Well, to prove it to you, we paired our favorite Disney princesses with their celebrity look-a-likes! Stars like Taylor Swift and […]

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Taylor Swift’s Famous BFF’s!

Share with your friendsTaylor Swift is ridiculously talented. She makes the best music and treats her fans better than just about any celeb out there (just think about all the 1989 secret listening parties she’s had! Check them out here and here!). But Taylor is almost as famous for something else in her life (and […]

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Ariana Grande’s Favorite Things!

Share with your friendsAriana Grande is one of the biggest voices in music today. We hear her songs all over the radio. We see her performing at every big music awards show. We dance along to her fun music videos (We can’t wait for the “Love Me Harder!” video!) But what’s actually going on under […]

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7 Pitch Perfect Fifth Harmony Poses!

Share with your friendsThe ladies of Fifth Harmony always know how to wow us with their amazing voices and incredible style, but have you ever really looked at how perfect they are at posing when it’s picture time? It’s like, an enviable mastery they have going on. Whether they are jamming on stage or goofing […]

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Justin Bieber Says Goodbye to the ‘Stache!

Share with your friendsAfter Justin Bieber‘s mom Pattie Mallette tweeted a few days ago about how it was time for Justin to shave his mustache, we knew we didn’t have much time. @ipowerfulbiebs tell me about it. — Pattie Mallette (@pattiemallette) October 5, 2014 The ‘stach was gonna go, and it was gonna go soon. […]

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Transformation Tuesday!

Share with your friendsTransformation Tuesday brings the biggest, craziest, OMG-worthy transformations! Transformations range from crazy hair colors, complete style makeovers, and more! Remember One Direction during their X-Factor days? (They were just as cute as now!) Believe it not, but Miley Cyrus wasn’t born blonde! (She’s a natural brunette!) Check out our gallery to see […]

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Weekend Update: What Did Our Fave Celebs Do Last Weekend?

Share with your friendsMondays are SO bittersweet; they mark the beginning of a new week but also the end of the weekend. But this Monday, we’re bringing you only the sweet stuff! We have the scoop on last weekend’s happenings, festivities and makeovers (We’re talking about you, Demi!) What has Taylor Swift been up to? […]

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Disney Stars Take on Halloween Horror Nights!

Share with your friendsIn the spirit of Halloween, our fave Disney Channel stars visited Universal Studios Hollywood for a night of spooks, scares, and ghoulish fun! It was a night where zombies and monsters roamed the park freely, screams and cackles could be heard miles away, and buckets of fun were guaranteed. What was this […]

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Taylor Swift Poses With Lucky Fans for 1989 Secret Session

Share with your friendsTaylor Swift never ceases to amaze us! We have been super jealous of the lucky super-fans that have been able to attend Tay’s 1989 Secret Sessions and this time was no different! Last time, we were envious of the delicious cookies she prepared for the session, but this time it was her […]

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Halloween Costumes: Celeb Inspiration!

Share with your friendsOctober has just begun, which means pumpkin-flavored everything (Yum!), scarves and boots (See ya, flip-flops), and – drum roll please – Halloween! NOW is the time to start planning the perfect costume! Have absolutely no idea where to begin? No problem! Whether you’re looking for something cute and comfy like Laura Marano‘s […]

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EXCLUSIVE pics: Girl Meets World, Dog With a Blog, and Austin & Ally Halloween Episodes!

Share with your friendsIt’s the best time of the year (well, one of them)…Halloween! One of the best parts about October is when our fave shows have Halloween episodes! Don’t you just love being able to see your favorite celebs all dressed up in cute costumes? Check out these awesome exclusive photos from Girl Meets […]

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