Totally Trendy: Brocade!

March 14, 2013

If some these dresses ring a bell for you, that’s totally understandable understandable. Some of the most eye-popping and beautiful dresses on the red carpet this year were brocade dresses. Brocade dresses tend to be made of thick, textured fabric with really detailed and intricate patterns. Oftentimes, they look more like works of art rather than something you can just throw on! That’s probably why it’s become so popular among some of our favorite celebrities. Check out how these stars are rocking the trend:

Gold is definitely a common color among brocade fabrics. Selena Gomez stuns in this particular gold and black number. The gold pattern almost looks like it could add some heavy weight to the dress, but Sel seems to have effortlessly struck a pose. We also love the embroidery detail along the sheer sleeves. Selena looks so elegant and mature, and those heels have some fierce height to them.

Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick used the brocade trend to pull of a totally girly look. The swirling, glittery patterns reach all the way up her high collar. The pink ribbon cinched around her waist gives the dress some shape and makes an adorable accent as well! The pleats also look super cute on Anna. She completed this ensemble with strappy pink heels.

The centerpiece of actress Lily Collins brocade dress is clearly the golden eagle, but we can’t help admiring all the tiny detail around it as well. This gorgeous golden dress looks like a piece of treasure in itself, and Lily chose well to show it off at the CFDA Fashion Awards. The drop-waist really elongates Lily’s torso, and the pleated hem is super cute! Lily completes the look with pointed golden heels.

Which celebrity do you think wore this trend the best? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Jaiden says:

    Anna Kendrick!!!

  2. Miss2013 says:

    anna whatever her name is

  3. Sereh fakih says:

    selena you awsome without make_up and in make up <3

  4. sarah says:

    awsomeee dress cuteh!! i love it<3

  5. Selena Gomez! She looks absolutely stunning!!!

  6. dancingqueen219 says:

    I love Anna’s dress so much!

  7. Emilykb20 says:

    Selena&anna kendrick

  8. coolgirl58 says:

    not your best

  9. pixiestar says:

    Def Anna’s! :)

  10. bessie says:

    anna and lily

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