Victoria’s Las Vegas Kiss!

February 19, 2013


Victoria Justice turned 20 today! To celebrate Vic is having an epic time in Las Vages.

U guys will never believe where I am right now… VEGAS! It’s my 1st time here & it’s amazing! What a lovely birthday surprise. #Pumped :D ” Victoria posted on Google+.

Looks like Victoria also gave away a kiss in Vegas! Vic puckered up for SpongeBob SquarePants and tweeted to fans.

Vic’s movie Fun Size is available on DVD and Blu-ray today, what an awesome way to celebrate a birthday! Happy birthday Victoria! Leave her your biggest birthday wishes in the comments and on Twitter.

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:

    That’s cute! Happy birthday Victoria!

  2. Bre<3 says:

    Happy 20th B-Day girly!! Hope it rocks! #LoveYaVictoria

  3. love4taylorswift says:

    Happy B-Day Victoria! Your a great actress/ singer!

  4. Toddlaina says:

    OMG! Happy B-day Victoria!

  5. Jennifer Dgaf says:

    Happy Birthday Victoria <3 :)

  6. Laurengirlsrock says:

    Happy 20th Birthday Victoria
    Good Luck On Your Tour

  7. pixiestar says:

    Aww! LOL I love Vic so much! :D

  8. Ava says:

    Happy 20th Victoria!

  9. Madison says:

    LoL :)

  10. ❤Katie❤ says:

    They make the perf couple! LOL

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