Selfie Showdown: Ariana and Bella

January 24, 2013


We love Ariana Grande and Bella Thorne, so we obviously follow them on Twitter. This week, the girls posted two eerily similar pics. Let’s list the things the pictures have in common:

  • They’re both selfies.
  • They’re both mirror shots.
  • They both involve a big bow and a cute phone case.

Great minds think alike! Which of these super cute selfies do you like most?

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  1. i hate ariana grande!

  2. crystal says:

    Love both of u guys

  3. fabylovecute says:

    They both look nice.

  4. TBfan23 says:

    They both look pretty:):)

  5. dancingqueen219 says:

    I like Ariana’s! But they’re both beautiful in their’s!

  6. Ciara says:

    Both. To hard to admit. But I love bellas bangs and arianas hair. Anf I luv arianas face reactions in pictures and bellas smile

  7. zain malik says:

    who cares if she is showing her belly shes a girl and tenager i still pick ariana her,s is better she is famous for me and very pretty

  8. Miss2013 says:

    what is selfie

  9. Britt says:

    Yeah I have to admit I do love both alot=D I’m just stunned to see Ariana with a half-shirt showing her stomach!! But I do love them sooo much…..and kinda Bella’s more(because of Ariana showing her belly; but I don’t love her anyless) it’s just not like Ariana to do that=D

  10. Ciara says:

    Both. To hard to admit

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