QUIZ: What Risk Should You Take?

January 18, 2013


    Sometimes, taking risks can lead to great things. What risk should YOU take to change your life for the better this year? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. You get more nervous about:

  2. You would never:

  3. Sometimes you wish you could:

  4. You're pretty good at:

  5. You don't usually like:

  6. In your free time, you:

  7. You usually cry over:

  8. You wish your crush knew:


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  1. PANDALUVER!!!! says:

    join a club. sounds pretty cool

  2. Rainbow Dash says:

    Perform 4 an audience :)

  3. dancingqueen219 says:

    Perform for an audience.

  4. SWAGER HENRY says:

    add me pepole

  5. Julia says:

    Talk to my crush, NO THANKS TOO NERVOUS!!!!

  6. madeline328 says:

    i took this quiz and none of the answers that u could choose from fit me. I mean, i NEVER cry! And i’m confident in everything i do!

  7. Reilly says:

    Join a club

  8. Madeline328 says:

    I took this quiz but none of the answers u could choose from fit me . I mean, I NEVER cry! And I’m confident in everything I do!

  9. Ava says:

    I got Perform for an audience. Second comment!

  10. Zinnialuv says:

    I got Join a Club. First comment!

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