Would You Wear It: Vic’s Matching Boots and Jacket

December 4, 2012

Sometimes we see celebs’ clothes and we’re so in love we catch ourselves devising elaborate plans to raid their closets (or at least put together a similar ensemble at the mall). Other times though, we see a famous face where something that would totally make us blush – in a bad way. We want to know your opinion on this outfit! Victoria wore these matchy-matchy boots and jacket. Would you rock it?

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  1. kath123123 says:

    sure it looks cool

  2. ponies purple says:

    I would use the boots for riding

  3. Ggreen317 says:

    It’s so cute! Especially on a rainy day.

  4. Directioner-Mia says:

    its just not my style…

  5. Totally! Its adorable!!!

  6. pixiestar says:

    Yeah, I guess. She looks super cute as usual! I <3 Vic! She's my girl crush!

  7. TaylorLautnerrocks says:

    That outfit is soooooooooo rockin!!!

  8. dancingqueen219 says:

    That outfit is so cute!

  9. 1D_TWluv says:


  10. loveselenagomez says:

    yes all the way!!!

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