QUIZ: How Will Your Crush Make a Move?

December 26, 2012


    Your crush totally likes you back - but how is he going to let you know that? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. When you crush walks in a room, he:

  2. Your favorite party activity is:

  3. You always crush on:

  4. Your crush would most likely write you a:

  5. You talk on the phone:

  6. In a water fight, your crush would:

  7. Your crush is more into:

  8. Your crush likes to make you:

  9. You spend rainy days:


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  1. KissesfromHarryStyles says:

    I got flowers! Roses, please! My crush’s name is Jackson, but I nicknamed him Marshmallow!! XD Love is in the air! ;)

  2. Lisette says:

    Probably by making me laugh or getting my attention in a romantic or outstanding way

  3. Arabelle28 says:

    A song
    I got a pic of a hottie!

  4. iheartb says:

    I got text! Even though i don’t have a texting account, YET!

  5. lola27 says:


  6. pixiestar says:

    I got a text. Even though I don’t have a crush on anyone right now. Haha

  7. Zinnialuv says:

    I got flowers
    I didn’t even know HOW {he’s my celeb crush} without trying! I just got him, oh, wow. .^_^.

  8. Evelyn Nillo says:

    Got a song

  9. Scarlett says:

    I got song!

  10. mystery101 says:

    i have got song. yay!!!!

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