POLL: Have You Ever Thought About Running Away from Home?

December 11, 2012

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  1. mf'shorty says:

    yes i have i wish i could if you only knew my parents-_-

  2. Sky says:

    OK…i can’t really say i havent thought of running away before because i have, and to any of u guys that say im crazy for thinking that…well if u had my parents u would know.

  3. 1Dlover says:

    Yes we’ve all tried once aleast and I speak for all

  4. Alexzandria says:

    i thought about running away and then i realized i dont need to. i would if Justin Bieber or One Direction came for me,that would be awesome!!! i would escape to Justin Bieber or Harry Styles!!!

  5. emily says:

    i will never run away

  6. shannon fassbender says:

    well I’m stile planing it

  7. bwittanybaby says:

    Only everyday…

  8. mileycyrusfan says:

    ahh, i really miss wizards of waverly place! and yah! i would escape……. to miley cyrus! LOL!!

  9. marissa says:

    yes ever since i moved ive tryed but didnt have the guts to run away it was all my parents fault kuz we had to move away from my home town so yes its a almost everyday thought

  10. dancingqueen219 says:

    I will never do that!

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