POLL: Have You Ever Kept a Big Secret from Your Best Friend?

December 12, 2012

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  1. niam.larry.zayn says:

    Sadly… Yes… I’m a bad friend.. :{

  2. dancingqueen219 says:

    Yes, but I eventually told her.

  3. cutelogy says:

    sometimes u can’t tell ur best friend everthing !!!

  4. avemqu says:

    i can’t tell her my crush

  5. cupcakeninja11 says:

    i tell all my bffs. i can never keep a secret!!

  6. LittleMiss1D says:

    I still am I’m not telling anyone about my secret,

  7. elyssv31 says:

    Harry Styles and Taylor Swift aren’t dating!!!! This article was so so so annoying!!!!! THERE IS NO HAYLOR!!!!!

  8. puppyniya9 says:

    no haylor!!!!!!!!!!!!! u kno there is no jelena either right?

  9. maddy says:

    yes but i am still not telling her

  10. mmmmmzzzzz says:

    I have never kept a bug secret from my best friend and I don’t plan to.

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