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December 28, 2012

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Do you follow us on Instagram? You should. We post DIY sneak peaks, cover sneak peaks, throwback mag covers, 1D Wednesday, give behind-the-scenes looks at our offices, pics from Hollywood events and MORE. Our account name is bopandtigerbeat – follow us TODAY!

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  1. BigTimeRushAndRossLynchAndR5Rock says:

    i will

  2. BigTimeRushAndRossLynchAndR5Rock says:

    yay, first comment

  3. RachelLynch says:


  4. pixiestar says:

    Followed you guys! OMG!! KP is totes glam!! As always! <3

  5. ayahsaleh16 says:

    SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dancingqueen219 says:

    I’ll follow you right now!

  7. valentine678 says:

    already followed

  8. princessgirl567 says:

    clap 5 times
    post this on 10 other post
    look under your pillow there will be an ipod and a laptop

  9. Maddie says:


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