You Voted: What’s Your Fave Take Me Home Track So Far?

November 19, 2012

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  1. 1Directioner4eva says:

    kiss u

  2. Ava says:


  3. peacelover11 says:

    Kiss you but, I really like I would.

  4. buca112 says:

    I like kiss you,but the whole entire album is AMAZAYN :) :)

  5. princess1348 says:

    I love the songs they on the poll but i love heart attack and change my mind…. AND LITTLE THINGS AND ROCK ME!!! 😜😄😼❤❤🎀

  6. princess1348 says:

    Soooorrry i wasn’t meant to type the lil kitty icon!!!!! :(

  7. 1Dalltheway! says:

    Tot’s LIVE WHILE WE’RE YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!

  8. JoyLoves1D says:

    They Don’t Know About Us, Little Thing, Kiss You, Heart Attack, and of course Live While We’re Young!! #ILove1D :)

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