Tyler Posey Auditioned for Jacob Black!

November 9, 2012

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Before Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey auditioned to play another hunky werewolf: Jacob Black from Twilight! As we all knew, he ended up losing the part to Taylor Lautner, but Tyler still considers it a valuable auditioning experience. He even had the chance to meet and read lines Kristen Stewart!

“When I auditioned for Jacob Black I was 16,” Tyler said. “I auditioned with Kristen Stewart and I was very excited because I was a fan of her. I saw Taylor Lautner at all these auditions and I knew that he was auditioning for Twilight also. And I remember I saw him at an audition a few months after that and I was like ‘Hey man, what have you been up to?’ and he was like ‘I was filming Twilight‘ and that’s when I found out I didn’t get the part.”

It turns out that the Twilight auditions weren’t the first time that Taylor and Tyler had met. They grew up in the same town but didn’t start talking to each other until they noticed that they were trying out for so many similar roles!

“I would see this kid at auditions all the time and I knew him… We grew up in the same town,” Tyler revealed. “And eventually we became friends and started talking, because I literally saw him at every single auction. It was Taylor Lautner.”

It must have been hard for Tyler to learn he didn’t get the part of Jacob, but he’s definitely made a name for himself through Teen Wolf. Would you have liked to see Tyler Posey in Twilight? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:

    I definitely prefer Taylor Lautner as Jacob!

  2. pixiestar says:

    I like Taylor more

  3. Kelly says:

    Taylor Launter does play a better Jacob but I still like Tyler better.

  4. Team-Jacob-&-Renesmee says:

    If he was Jacob Black I would be Team Edward and Renesmee which is weird because I think rob patz is not cute

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