Twitter Tuesday: Match the Stars to Their Tweets!

November 13, 2012

Hey guys! It’s that time of week again: Twitter Tuesday! Try to guess which of your favorite stars tweeted the following posts, and tell us in the comments section below. Be sure to check back next week for answers. Good luck!

1. Nutella.. Need I say more..well, more Nutella!

2. My motto is hakuna matata

3. I’m going to be a brunette in less than a week for the 1st time in almost 4 years. Not important I know but I’m kind of really very excited!

4. Straight up just saw a man pinky point while driving. Odd image. Did I mention he looked like a skeleton? Odd-er image.

5. Can’t sleep…. early morning walk in Paris perhaps? I think yes. <3

Here are the answers to last week’s Twitter Tuesday! Let us know how you did!

1. Justin Bieber
2. Cody Simpson
3. Ariana Grande
4. Tyler Wilson
5. Debby Ryan

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  1. Beauty22 says:

    I knew the #rd one was Ariana. Only because she always talked about how after the show ended she was going back to being her natural hair color. Which is brunette. Yay!

  2. angelclown22 says:

    1. Olivia Holt
    2. Willy Ferrell
    3. Ariana Grande
    4. Sarah Hyland ‏
    5. Carly Rae Jepsen

  3. addebigtime says:

    im sure that no.2 is @kentonjduty <3

  4. futuremrsstyles18 says:

    3 has to be Niall Horan. i guarentee it.

  5. jadej99 says:

    I knew 3 was Ariana Grande.

  6. cutiepop13 says:

    1. Olivia Holt
    2. Willy Ferrell
    3. Ariana Grande
    4. Sarah Hyland ‏
    5. Carly Rae Jepsen

  7. Emilykb20 says:

    1.oliva holt 2.willy ferrell 3.ariana grande 4.sarah hyland 5.carly rae jepsen

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