Ross and Laura on N.B.T.!

November 3, 2012

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Radio Disney’s N.B.T. competition is in full swing, and TONIGHT, the contestants get visits from two special guests: Austin & Ally’s Ross Lynch and Laura Marano! The Disney Channel stars are mentors on N.B.T. and are hoping to help the contestants with their superstar dreams. The remaining 4 contestants (who will be announced TONIGHT!) will perform for Ross and Laura and get tips from the stars.

Do you want to vote for your fave? You can vote up to 10 times on, Twitter, Facebook or you can text NBT to 347639.

Tell us in the comments and on Twitter who YOUR favorite performer is so far!

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  1. Emilykb20 says:

    Elle winter

  2. iluv1Dandross says:

    me too!!! I want elle winter to win!!! I love her song!

  3. angelwow21 says:

    I wish I could go on this show. My only problem is I have stage fright and I have never ever sang in front of anyone. I have only sang with people and kept my voice down so they couldnt hear me.

  4. Bianca Lynch says:

    Elle Winter . I think she should win !! she has a AWESOME voice

  5. Cute<3

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