POLL: What Do You Think of 1D’s Tattoos?

November 8, 2012

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:

    I love them either way!

  2. analovesjb says:

    i love thim
    but tattos are bad for thim

  3. pixiestar says:


  4. mrs.liamlautner says:

    I think they should do what ever they want it shows personality

  5. natashaluvrain says:

    They need to stop! Please One Direction? You don’t need tattoos to cover you up your perfect the way you are. But I do like Harrys one tattoo of the bird cage atleast I think it’s a bird cage.

  6. One Direction got tattoos? This has to stop! I accidentally click the One Direction poll that says, “Their tattoos are kinda cool!”. I made a mistake. Sorry. Please stop getting tattoos.

  7. zoieadorable3087 says:


  8. lorrisa_tomlinson says:

    I love 1D no matter what so if they have tattoos so be it I don’t care I’m a true directioner

  9. Ester Grenester says:

    I really think they should stop with the tattoos.. it just isn’t them. In fact I wish they’d get rid of a lot of the tattoos because it’s really changing them and just… I don’t know! It just doesn’t go with them! Really doesn’t, I hate tattoos in general and I really love 1D and for them to have this outrageous number of tattoos is ridiculous if you ask me. I think they really don’t think before getting tattoos, they should think about the decision before getting a bunch of pointless pictures permanently drawn on them… and as of now there are SO many… I mean they don’t just have a few. Their entire arms are covered in tattoos, sad part is I think they have a lot more than I’ve really seen on most people! I wish they’d understand that a lot of directioners don’t like it. I know its their decision but that doesn’t mean it’s the right way to go. Thanks to Niall for understanding tattoos are only pointless.

  10. Holly says:

    Please stop, 1D!
    I agree with Ester so much. Please realize how we feel and how many others do. I know some people like the tattoos but either way it still isn’t good! If you really want, maybe a few but the number of tats you have is just… Omg… no. Why One direction? even them. wow. even they had to join the tattoo train and literally. they get a new one every week.. soon we wont even be able to see them because they’ll be covered up in tats if they dont realize now that they need to stop. id suggest getting some of them undone.. no offense but most of them are just pointless. i mean really.

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