Name That Accessory!

November 29, 2012

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It’s time for Name That Accessory! Who do you think wore this gold hand accessory to a press conference? Read our three clues below and click the link when you’re ready to check your answer. Remember to leave us a comment letting us know if you were right!

1. She’s a singer and recently came out with a new album!

2. Glitter is a HUGE part of her personal style!

3. She likes to say she’s adventurous and not afraid of being an animal.

Getty Images

If you guessed Ke$ha, you’re right! The singer wore this bold piece to a press conference promoting her watch collection. Were you right? Tell us what you guessed in the comments!

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  1. lil1dswaggiegurl says:

    i knew it was Ke$ha

  2. Unicorn98 says:

    I knew it but I wasn’t sure

  3. ducttapepenguin54 says:

    For sure Ke$ha!

  4. annielovesonedirection says:

    i knew it was Ke$ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. anna says:

    i guessed Ke$ha!

  6. dancingqueen219 says:

    I knew it was Ke$ha!

  7. Gracyn says:


  8. Geralyn Styles says:

    i guessed kesha!

  9. Byarna says:

    I guessed Ke$ha!

  10. Emilykb20 says:


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