QUIZ: Who Is Your 1D Soul Mate?

March 24, 2012


    Which One Direction guy is your perfect love match? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Your crush HAS to be:

  2. What's your dream date?

  3. Your crush won your heart by:

  4. What is your flirting style?

  5. Your current clothing obsession is:

  6. When you pick a movie, you always go for:

  7. After school, you can be found:

  8. What kind of gift would you LOVE to get from your crush?

  9. What's your favorite class?

  10. Which of these nicknames do you like best?


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  1. music37 says:

    i ogt niall! the one i wanted! i love him sooo much!

  2. rosi1999 says:

    i got louis

  3. One_direction_rocks says:

    i got zayn and harry and nialll WOO HOO!!!!! i love u 1D u make me steal ure heart!! LOL

  4. One_direction_rocks says:

    hi i got all of them and that makes me think that i am a true directioner!!

  5. One_direction_rocks says:

    i got liam and louis 2 times each!! i am gonna try again till i get all of them! *__*

  6. OneD4ever says:

    I got Niall! Yay, i don’t care who I get b/c they are all cool! :)

  7. rosalbaz says:

    YES!!!!I GOT LIAM=)

  8. Sarah Min says:

    I got Harry Styles!!!!

  9. emma says:


  10. Craft says:

    I wanted Niall! lol.

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