You Voted: Red Carpet Date

February 27, 2012

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  1. JanelleBush47 says:

    Definitely my BFF becuz who wouldn’t want to share and amazing moment with you girl! <3

  2. rihanna4ever17 says:

    my crush i love him it would be nice to have him and mayby eves bff because we like spending fun times

  3. jennettefan4life22 says:

    My bff!

  4. prettyprincess13 says:

    I am with you jennettefan4life22 I would take my bff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sahlan123 says:

    mY BFF DUHH:)

  6. sophiasophia90 says:

    My BFF. My crush is all into Derek Jetter and Shan White or something like that, sports.

  7. leslie says:

    I would take a crush to the red carpet because i would
    Be more comftorble and less embersed with another

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