“What Makes You Beautiful” is Out NOW!

February 14, 2012

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, U.S. Directioners. One Direction’s first single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” is officially available on iTunes right now! “What Makes You Beautiful” is a super-catchy song about how so many girls just don’t realize how gorgeous and awesome they truly are. The song is the British/Irish group’s first-ever release in the US — just in time for Valentine’s Day! Have you watched the music video yet? If not, see it right here:

TELL US: Did you get your copy of “What Makes You Beautiful” yet?!

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  1. music37 says:

    did you guys ever go to the usa for tour? if you go to boston or Nh i can go!!!!!!!!

  2. pixiestar says:

    Nt yet….. OMG! im xcited 2 get it!!!

  3. Mbellep says:

    LLLOOVVEEEE this song!!! gonna get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  4. marialovesonedirection says:

    I was so excited! I woke up and 5 am to buy it this morning! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!

  5. dancingqueen219 says:

    i just bought it on itunes!

  6. 33Kimmy says:

    GOT IT!!! AHHH finally! :D not really already had the album but.. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!! :D

    Directioner 4 LifeXD

  7. noknok says:

    one of my favorite bands!!!!!!!!!!!
    best song ever!! <3 :D

  8. music37 says:

    u guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. music37 says:

    i listened to this song already like 30 times! but whos counting? i will buy your cd!!!!!!!

  10. music37 says:

    this is my first time hearing you guys! and now that is my new favorite song! you guys are great! <3

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