Watch One Direction’s Brand-New Tour Diary Video!

December 22, 2011

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One Direction have brought back their oh-so famous (and hilarious) video diaries! The group started doing the diaries during their time on the UK’s version of The X Factor (if you haven’t watched them yet, you totally should!), and now they’ve started them up again! Watch to see the guys dance on Louis’ command, hear Liam’s most embarrassing moment ever and hear them all talk about zombies. See it right here:

TELL US: What’s your fave part of 1D’s tour diary?

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  1. larrystylinson1d says:

    lol i watched it like 43 1/2 times already!!!

  2. pixiestar says:

    Where Harry took off the masking tape out of Louis LOL! poor Louis ;)

  3. dreamgirl says:

    hahah they are so random and cute!

  4. jb1006 says:

    I love this video it is way to funny I love the part were Harry pulled the tape out of Louis’s mouth.

  5. jb1006 says:

    I love this video it is way to funny. I love the part were Harry pulled the tape out of Louis’s mouth and he starts screaming. I love them so much.

  6. Sinnyxx1D says:

    AWw They Are 5 AMazing Young LAds (: And louis is so funny :P

  7. Craft says:

    Louis being quiet??!I can’t imagine it!(;..Niall was as handsomely cute as ever <3 .. I love harry's Hair! <3 ..Zayn needs to break out of his shell! (: ..Liam is just too cute and serious!<3 I love 1D!Directioner forever! <3

  8. MillyMolly says:

    awww they are so cute :D anf funny

  9. C00k13_M0n5t3r24 says:

    The One Direction Boys Personality:-)

    Harry-Self Confidents:-D

  10. pinkwater2001 says:

    LOL I absolutely love them omg louis is the absolute funniest though

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