Signature Style with Liam Payne!

December 31, 2011

Tim Whitby/Getty Images

A signature style is a specific look that a celebrity has perfected. We’ve seen oh-so many amazing style choices in 2011, but now we’re going to zero in on some of our favorites. Take a peek and tell us which looks you absolutely love!

What is Liam’s signature style? Plaid shirts.

Liam is a total plaid-shirt-loving-kind-of-guy. We’ve seen Liam in mostly collared, buttoned up and dressed-up plaid shirts this year — and we can’t wait to see more!

Is there another signature style he has that we missed this year? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!


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  1. oreo10194 says:

    I think he is more a casual style look and he is kinda cute

  2. oreo10194 says:

    I think his signature style is always casual for his description and also who is he. He looks lie a nobody.

  3. C00k13_M0n5t3r24 says:

    Liam looks cute I LOVE how each One Direction boy has there OWN styles <3<3<3

    Could you do Signature Style with the Big Time Rush boys?????

  4. GigisBFFL says:

    jalopy new year

  5. pixiestar says:

    Well Justinb28 he is from One Direction! And he looks AWESOME!!! :D

  6. SeaShellSel says:


  7. wizchick234 says:

    My future husband <333333333333333333333333 love him <33333333333333333333333333333333333333

  8. ILoveTheBiebz says:

    That shirt looks great on him :D

  9. iLoveJBand1D says:


  10. justinb28 says:

    who is that dude any way

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