Help Your Fave Be Voted Star of the Year!

December 23, 2011

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Have you been taking our Readers’ Choice polls? Did you know that you can help your favorite celebrity win the All-Time Readers’ Choice Star of the Year? All you have to do is vote (and get the word out to other fans too)! The winner of each round of polls will go on to the next level. If your favorite star gets beat, you have to decide if you vote next for the person who beat your favorite star or the person going up against the person who beat your favorite star (as revenge!).

To vote right now, click here for a list of ALL the polls!

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  1. jennettefan4life22 says:

    Vote for Jennette!!! She’s awesome and totally deserves this. Keep voting for Jennette. :)

  2. tigerbeatfanjbrocks says:

    kendall &selena

  3. Moony1387 says:


  4. Missmolly1298 says:

    SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!XD <3 <3 <3

  5. iloveyou_143 says:

    Selena and Jennette! by FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ms.bieber5 says:

    Zendaya and Selena.

  7. heyhey80 says:

    Zendaya and Bella

  8. selenator22 says:

    Ok ok i dont know why my pic is a boy i am a girl and i did not set my pic to be a boy ??

  9. selenator22 says:

    Selena she is amazing :)

  10. marcasal says:

    selena!!! first to coment I can recive a gift!!!

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