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Cody Simpson Mentors the N.B.T. Contestants

October 28, 2011

Cody Simpson stopped by the N.B.T. set to provide a little mentor advice to the remaining contestants! Check out Cody with the four remaining contestants in the gallery below and be sure to vote for your favorite N.B.T. artist at RadioDisney.com! Hurry, the next elimination round is on Friday Nov. 11 and you don’t want your favorite to be voted out of the competition!

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  1. rolo8834 says:

    Cody Simpson is cool !!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :^)

  2. codylove says:

    My brother and i were watching this and he thinks Cody was flirting with shaigleh girl, so now i hate her! Cause i’m a HUGE Simpsonizer!

  3. junea says:

    I want shealiegh to win

  4. meygs21 says:

    i dont really like cody simpson but i like the nbt kids such as shealeigh and tay. its cool that a teen star such as cody could be mentoring those kids

  5. mady37 says:

    i dont really like cody but its cool that he’s mentoring the nbt’s

  6. PayLaRock19025 says:

    In photo 1 it looks like a small piano! :0 In photo 2 she is so lucky she looks a little bit like Taylor Swift. :) In photo 4 that kid looks like Justin Bieber but brunette. The kid in the pic is SOOOOO CUTE! :D

  7. yaya77584 says:

    cody is cool but he sound’s like a little girl and does anybody really want to here a little girl sing?

  8. kat_hafsa says:

    cody…i luv u

  9. lisseth143 says:

    i love Cody Simpson he is so cool and a great singer

  10. pixiestar says:

    Cody is soooo CUTE kisses Cody xoxoxo

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