Happy Birthday, Michael Martinez!

August 4, 2011

It’s one of our favorite funny guy’s birthday today — Allstar Weekend’s Michael Martinez! BOP and Tiger Beat want to wish Michael a very happy 22nd birthday. In honor of Michael’s big day, we want to share what must be the cutest childhood pic we’ve ever seen. Look at baby Michael in his crib, tormenting his brother. Looks like this birthday boy has always been a prankster!

C/O The Martinez Family

We hope Michael has an amazing day celebrating. Leave your sweet birthday messages to Michael in the comment section below.

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  1. HeyPrincess says:

    It’s your birthday!! YUUUUUUPPPPPP!!! hahaha have an awesome day and never stop rockin out Swag Master!!!YUUUUUUPPPPP!! hahaha lol

  2. AuntieMichele says:


    Cute picture…. awww ….

  3. cheyanneallstar says:

    Happy Birfday gurrl!! Hope it’s the best one yet!! :) Love you Rachel!!

  4. Valerie21C says:

    Happy Birthday Mikey!! “Party Like Its not Your Birthday” :)

  5. amberlc11 says:

    HAHA this is the cutest pic. So funny. Happy Birthday Mikey! Live it Up

  6. pumpingirl says:

    Happy Birthday Michael Martinez :)

  7. seaotter27 says:

    Happy birthday, Michael!!

  8. snapplegirl11 says:

    Happy birthday, Michael Martinez!!! :)

  9. alekzaluvzadubjonasaivfc says:


  10. Craft says:

    Happy birthday mikey.!(:

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