Poll: How Do You Keep up with Your Favorite Celebrities?

July 18, 2011


We want to know: How do you keep up with your favorite celebrities online? Do you like them on Facebook? Follow them on Twitter? Tell us which site you use more!

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  1. brynob14 says:


  2. BigTimeRushLuvr4Life says:

    Twitter. Most “Celeb” Facebook accounts are fake.

  3. immabelieber2 says:

    I follow sites on Twitter, and get tweets from JBSource sent to my phone. So i’ll always know if there’s something new about Justin. :]

  4. Mishale says:

    i dont have a twitter and with facebook i mostly only talk to friends, so mostly here i catch up with celebs

  5. jj28 says:

    I keep in touch from here!! i don’t have a facebook or twitter!! :(

  6. disneykat says:

    i read m magazine online and tiger beat on and of line

  7. katekirchner says:

    You could always wright letters

  8. epiccookie60105 says:

    I read the Tiger Beat magazine n collect them so if anything happens in the future i can always look back n see if anything in the future happens in the past

  9. superpink11 says:

    I use Bop for all the info on celebs so i dont go on twitter that much


    the star i manely keep up with is SELENA GOMEZ!!! U ROCK SEL!

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