Allstar Weekend Announce All the Way Album Release Date and Track List!

July 29, 2011

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Breaking Allstar Weekend news! The band has just announced that their next album, All the Way, will be released September 27. They’ve already released their first single, “Not Your Birthday,” from the album — next up they’ll release their second single, “Blame it on September,” on August 16. Zach tells BOP and Tiger Beat about the album: I think it’s better than our last record. We’re really at the point where we want to be, and this is the music we’ve been wanting to make.” Adds Michael: “We’ve finally figured out what we want to do as a band.” The album’s track list has also been announced. It will be:

Mr. Wonderful
Bend or Break
Not Your Birthday
Do It To Me
Blame It On September
All The Way
When I Get Paid
Be There
Teenage Hearts

We’ve heard the whole album, and there’s only one word we would use to describe it — amazing. We know Allstar Weekend fans will love every single song. TELL US: Are YOU excited to hear the album?

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  1. snapplegirl11 says:

    I’m so excited!! I <3 Allstar Weekend!!! :)

  2. Benyaaaaaa says:

    theres a new one called sorry…. ? OMG!

  3. purplerocks11234 says:


  4. seaotter27 says:

    AAAHH SO EXCITED!!!!!!! :D

  5. calvary says:


  6. ap99 says:

    i have a poster of them to and i love not your birthday!

  7. supriseitsmaddie says:

    You. Got. To. Hear. The. Whole. Album.???? WHAT??????????? Super jealous. I seriously am at the edge of my seat waiting for this album. I can’t wait! I’m gonna wake up reallllllly early before school to go and buy the album! Team A-Dub All the Way(: (Haha, get it? All the Way?)

  8. dwrocker101 says:

    i cant wait!! James is about Cameron!! haha….. i love allstar weekend!! Team A-Dub for life!!! :)

  9. MillyMolly says:

    Yay finally!

  10. messica says:

    Allstar weekend rox. they are so hot i love them

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