Simon Cowell is Planning a Japan Relief Song Featuring Tons of Celebs (Including Justin Bieber)!

March 16, 2011

We’re so glad to hear that tons of celebrities are banding together once again to record a song to raise money to help those in Japan. Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell is heading up the project, tweeting this yesterday: “Ok, For What Has Happened In #Japan I Will Be Getting Loads Of Singers To Do A Song For It, @justinbieber @britneyspears @katyperry And More.”

He followed that amazing news with another tweet today saying, “We Now Have More Singer’s To The Song @JLSOfficial @onedirection @ollyofficial @katyperry @justinbieber @jessiejofficial @CherLloyd And More”

Exciting news, readers! We can’t wait to hear the song and know that this will raise a lot of relief for Japan.

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  1. taylorpanda8 says:

    yay this song is gonna be wonderful

  2. Gigi_Ma says:

    I can`t wait for it <3

  3. rija413 says:


  4. mckmet says:

    Katy i am ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw all her tweets about rasing money for japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. im-a-bielieber says:

    i cant wait i luv u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much justin bieber im ur #1 fan

  6. Crazy4theBieber says:

    So EXCITED with the new song!I love katy perry and justin bieber!!!!!! Its so sad about Japan. I heard they found a baby that had survived the tsunami! so happy.She was so adorable. What a tradgedy. And with the explosions. =(( i hope all is well in japan. Just know im praying for them!LOVE U JUSTIN!!!!!!!!

  7. BieberFevered143 says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! This is qonna kinda be like “We Are The World” (: <3 ! ! !

  8. regi70 says:

    yay! :D

  9. Happyjonasfan says:

    that is soooo freekin cool!!!!

  10. abbeybelieber says:

    i am SOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! i hope justin is in it a lot hes only in the help for haiti in the first part and you dont get to hear him it was an honor but id really like to hear more of him cant wait jb!<3

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