What happens if you eat too much ice cream?

February 7, 2011

The cast of Victorious shows everyone what happens when you eat TOO much ice cream!! Dan Schneider, the creator of Victorious posted this video of the cast and how Victoria Justice started to feel fixing her sweet tooth! Hopefully she enjoyed eating the ice cream before getting her stomach ache!

What’s YOUR favorite type of ice cream?

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  1. weefurgie says:

    Hey wait a second…..do you think they might be faking to make it funny?
    ….no, I guess not.

  2. weefurgie says:


  3. victoriajusticeROCKS says:

    Aawww. Poor Victoria. I like mint chocolate chip icecream

  4. Emilykb20 says:


  5. mm4689 says:

    wow vic…atleast ice cream is good…remember that sardean u ate!!!!! ew

  6. xmariaaaax0 says:

    Mine is chocolate chip cookie dough.

  7. jscharff says:

    This makes her look drunk. Sorry tori

  8. twilight says:

    she looks like shes drunk!

  9. sydney122000 says:

    I feel bad for victoria! I did the same except with donuts!

  10. rainbowroses27 says:

    today is mi birthday nd i turned 14 but if this happens to me when im eating mi ICE CREAM CAKE later i will cry :( poor victoria

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