OMG who was caught clowning around on set?

January 14, 2011

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Hey readers!! Which Disney star do YOU think is dressed up as a clown while filming? Leave your guess in a comment below!

Need a hint? He and his TV siblings are ALWAYS goofing off and getting into trouble with their parents on this Disney Channel show!

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  1. andrea28 says:

    yea its david henrie nd justin russo nd david henrie are the same people horsegirl163…

  2. pinkablepink says:

    David Henry

  3. montanaone says:

    I thought it was david henry too but he doesnt get in trouble so it might be from good luck charlie i think its jason dolley we’ll see ;)

  4. marissa12499 says:

    david henry…im just guessing

  5. kaitlynaustin13 says:

    It’s David Henrie!!!

  6. horsegirl163 says:

    Justin Russo or David Henrie

  7. kizzy262 says:

    Justin Russo from wizards of waverly place :) :)

  8. dorothygale says:

    justin from wizards of waverly place? I just am guessing. :)

  9. ecgiraffe22 says:

    I think it useable Henrietta but I don’t reallyknow

  10. alex2511ful says:

    alex’a bro justin frm wizards of waverly place?
    just a guess….-_-

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