CAPTION CONTEST: What is Taylor Swift Thinking?

January 2, 2011

When we first saw this photo from Taylor Swift’s twitter, we thought she had found her long-lost twin sister! Taylor’s tweet read: “Bring on all the pretenders…”

Can you guess what Taylor is thinking while looking at her wax double? Give us your most wackiest and creative ideas in the comment section below!

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  1. littlegagamonster says:

    OH ITS ON GIRL!!!!!

  2. beckarecka7 says:

    “You look familiar!”

  3. Mrs.Henderson says:

    Sooooooo You wanna crash a wedding together?

  4. pajamafreak34 says:

    Taylor:Hmmmmmm,im wayyyyy prettier than this pile of wax.

  5. twilight says:

    hey look were twins LOL!!!!!!!

  6. Kat3 says:

    “I’m so going to win this staring contest”

  7. vampirebella says:

    Is that realy me or just a look like, like me

  8. elauto says:

    “I’ve finally found my long lost twin.”

  9. iluvjb13 says:

    Now this…this is cool!

  10. HorseStar says:

    :)i havent ever seen a talor look-a-like

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