The Click Five’s stopping by

June 6, 2007


You may remember them from the songs “Just A Girl” and “Catch Your Wave.” The guys are dropping by BOP and Tiger Beat headquarters later this afternoon to talk about their new album Modern Minds and Pastimes (featuring the song “Jenny”) and also their lineup change. The Click Five has a new lead singer, Kyle Patrick, and he’s so cute! What do you want to know about the band? Let me know and I’ll ask them!

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  1. luwanda says:

    baskin robbins was fun

  2. Keri says:

    You five guys are so cool because you don’t have tattoos and you wear ties. I totally heart it!

  3. Annalissa says:

    Why isn’t Eric Dill in the band anymore??

  4. Sarah says:

    Do u guys have any girlfriends?

  5. I am not a b****!! says:

    I would like to ask,
    How did you guys get discovered? and what advice would you give to young fans that would like to be discovered? whenever i ask this, i always get: just follow you dreams and it will come true. is there something else you would say to that? -.-

  6. NJs gf AJ says:

    i don’t really like them.

  7. Lauren says:

    i do like their song ‘Just A Girl” though!!!

  8. Lauren says:

    don’t like them

  9. Britt says:

    Kyle – What was it like to join the Click 5? Did you have any expectations for the band?

    You all are SO cute = ]

  10. christy says:

    hey, i just wanted to tell yal i love your song ” Just A Girl” and i wanted to ask, that the songs that yal sing are they like about yals life?

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