1D Party!

In August BOP, we tell you how to throw the ultimate One Direction party! Here are you official BOP and Tiger Beat party supplies — we’ve got One Direction-themed downloads for you right here! Click below to get awesome party invitations to send your friends! Have fun making up silly names for your guests using our downloadable name tags! Cut out fun props from the photo booth download and take hilarious pictures of yourself with everyone at the party! Just follow the instructions below to get the ultimate One Direction party started.

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the links below to open up the files and print them. You can also Right-click or Control-click on the links below to download the files to your computer:

Download 1D Party Invitations

Download 1D Photo Booth

Download 1D Name Tags


  1. Jacki1D says:


  2. Jacki1D says:

    i love this idea I’m gonna throw a major 1D party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mrs. Malik says:

    I Love One Direction And I’m SO Gonna Throw A Party All About Them Because They’re HOT!!!

  4. Regan says:

    I’m having one also gonna be fun

  5. cammi says:

    i am having one too!!!!!! im doing everything in the mag too!!!

  6. cammi says:

    i am having a summer party too! im using all the stuff and doing everything in the magazine!

  7. Bella says:

    im having a 1d party at my camp soooooo excited

  8. Kariiiiiluv3s1D says:

    i lov3 it!!!

  9. Katelyn, MI says:

    Im having a 1D party over the summer with this stuff. Im doing all the stuff in the magazine

  10. katieluuuvs1direction says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! just printed them all out 4 my b-day!!!!

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